A message from WICC CEO

Hello everyone, 

By studying abroad, you can improve your quality of education, expand your skill set, and develop a new perspective which allows you to pursue better opportunities in a rapidly developing society. Over the years, the amount of students who study abroad has increased substantially, causing the employment field in that country to become more of a battlefield than ever before. Sometimes, even studying abroad is not enough to secure decent employment. 

Throughout the last 10 years, WICC Group has understood the difficulties young adults face in this society and has consistently put an effort into fulfilling the dreams of hundreds of Korean youths to train in their specialized field in one of the most dynamic countries in the world while experiencing diverse cultures available in the US. 

With our experience and reputation, WICC has formed strong bonds with hundreds of American companies specializing in many different types of industries. With experienced and caring team members, WICC hopes to provide the opportunity for the younger generation to experience the dynamic culture and employment environment in America. To provide the best service for the youths while training in the US, WICC will provide necessary information, assist with departure from home country, and with assimilation to American lifestyle and culture. 

At WICC, we want to provide the opportunity for everyone to explore and train in America. Our most important goal is to expand the wisdom of your country in order for your country to become better day by day. The future of your country development and your own future lays within your hands. The choice to hold onto this opportunity or to let it go is yours to make. 

CEO of WICC Group

Bill Kim