Host company FAQ

Yes, all interns are legally working in the US through the J-1 Visa
The J-1 Visa is a cultural exchange program that allows applicants from international countries to come to the US and intern at companies in order to gain cultural experience and work experience.
For interns who have graduated within the last year, they can intern for up to 12 months while trainees (who have at least one year of experience) can intern for up to 18 months.
No. WICC will not charge your company any fees for hiring interns through us.
Companies that have the following are eligible to be a host company:
– 3-5 employees or more
– Valid worker’s compensation
Since our applicants graduated or plan to graduate from top Universities and many have previous work experience, we expect the internships to be paid.
You can pay the intern in the same method as any other employee at your company.
Applicants are paid at least minimum wage which varies depending on the city your company is located. However, higher wages can attract more qualified candidates.
The J-1 visa requires that intern/trainee be employed for skilled positions such as office work (including marketing, accounting, design, etc.). Intern cannot be hired for unskilled labour such as manufacture work. Clerical work and data entry work cannot exceed 20% of work hours.
Yes, as long as you have a record of their underperformance and notify us and your responsibility will end there.
The interns will take care of all costs themselves.
WICC group will take care of all paperwork for visa sponsorship.
Yes. Our applicants receive insurance from the sponsorship organization.