Being able to intern in the US from Vietnam may be rare and unheard of, and anyone who can score an internship, in this case, will be awarded as “a genius”. However, is that a fact or just a myth from older generations who are not as well informed as we are?

From one perspective, it truly is rare to be able to obtain an internship in the US with a bachelor’s degree from a Vietnamese University.

Many people are able to come to the US for training via HB1 visa. However, the majority of HB1 applicants are top-performing students who majoredin high demand jobs such as Computer Science, Information systems, Engineering, Software Development, etc. One other method to come to work in the US is through the L visa which is the temporary transfer of a foreign worker in the managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge category to the U.S. to continue employment with the office of the same employer, its parent, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate. However, this is quite rare. The third common option is the Physician Program, under the Exchange Visitor Program. Through the Alien Physician program, foreign physicians can participate in U.S. graduate medical education programs or training at accredited U.S. schools of medicine.

Sounds unpromising? Let’s take a look from a different point of view.

From another perspective, the statement “it truly is rare to be able to obtain an internship in the US with a bachelor’s degree from a Vietnamese University” is not a fact.

There is no doubt that the most common Exchange Programs are summer camps, short term programs, Professor Program, and Physician Program. However, there are 15 different categories of Exchange Programs where applicants enter the US with the J1 visa. The four common programs mentioned above are included but not the only options that applicants have. Each program is designed to fit different groups with different demands and requirements. Therefore, interning and training in the US with a degree from Vietnam is not impossible.

Being able to intern or train in the US with J1-visa, why not give it a try?

The official name of this program is the Intern/Trainee Program. This program is designed to allow foreign college and university students and graduates to come to the US to gain exposure to US culture and to receive hands-on experience/training in the US business practices in their chosen occupational field.Since the main purpose is helping applicants to gain real-world professional experience, improve professional skill sets, improve English and experience different cultures within the US, the requirements are not as intensive as other programs. This answers the question as to why international students who graduate from a US college/university still struggle with finding a job but students who have graduated from an institute outside of the US can score an internship in the US.

Interning/ Training in the US is not impossible, nor is it rare now. The important thing is that you can choose the program that suits you the most.

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