CPT & OPT Program for International Students

If you are about to graduate from college this summer, then congratulations!

As an international student in the US, everyone knows you put a lot of effort into your degree. Your family, your friends and everyone are proud of you; more than anyone, you are the one who should proud of what you earned: a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in the US.

After all the cheering, flowers, and parties, now it’s time to face off the reality: FINDING A JOB to maintain your OPT status. Sooner or later, all F1 students will need to find a job for OPT Program, the working permit which allows international students to work legally in the US. A few students choose to apply for OPT while in school, but it’s not always a case. The majority of F1 students in the US will wait until after graduation to start their OPT. Depend on the time you apply and personal circumstances, OPT candidates have a maximum of 90 days of unemployment. In other words, they have about 90 days to find a job. Even US citizens sometimes have a tough time securing a job after graduation, the job-seeking journey is not an easy one for international students.

Understanding those obstacles, WICC provides F1 students with two employment placement programs: OPT and CPT. Of course, we don’t issue the OPT and CPT permit. Instead, we help students look for a paid position that suits their desires the most in a short period of time.

So, who is WICC and why should you join our programs?

If you want to participate in our program, then we here to help.
If you just curious about the programs and want to know us more, then you are more than welcome to contact us.
If you simply have a story to tell, share with us.
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