Everything you need to know about J1 visa

Whether you want to travel and gain education or work experience in the US, a J1 visa is one of the most ideal ways to help you achieve your American dream. The J1 visa provides opportunities for those who want to participate in an exchange visitor program. If you are interested in the exchange program and want to apply for a J1 visa, here’s everything you need to know about the J1 visa and the program you can apply for.

What is J1 visa?

J1 visa is an internship program issued by the US government and is sponsored by well-known non-profit organizations in America.
This program is available for students or for those hoping to gain real-world professional experience, improve their professional skill set, improve their English level, and experience different cultures in America for 12 to 18 months.

Facts about J1 visa

  • The J1 visa was created in 1961 to strengthen international ties and engage participants in the US society and culture.
  • Every year, there are over 300,000 international applicants from various nations who train in the US with the J1 visa. The training and development that the J1 internship provides align with the experience and skill set of each applicant.
  • About 86 percent of them are 30 years old and younger.

Qualifications for J1 visa

To Qualify, all J1 applicants are required to meet these following criteria:

  • Sponsored through a university, private organization or government program selected by the US Department of State
  • Engaged in interview, consultation, training or demonstration of special skills 
  • Protected with adequate health insurance
  • Proficient in the English language

J1 Visa programs

There are 14 different Exchange Visitor Programs that the applicant can apply under the J1 visa.

ProgramBasic RequirementBenefitsDuration
Au Pair

English ProficiencyHigh Scholl Diploma (or equivalent)

18-26 years old

Background check

Professional Training

Childcare Experience


School Credit

1 to 2 years
Camp Counselor

English Proficiency

At least 18 years old

Background check

Pay and Benefits

Food and Lodging

4 months
College and University

Must be substantially financed

For non-degree programs: Must be enrolled full-time in a prescribed course of study for of study for up to 2 years



School Credit

Bachelor/masterDegree: 18 months

Non-degree: 24 months

Post-Doctoral: 36 months

Government VisitorMust be selected by a US federal state, or local government agency; Influential or a distinguished person; Engaged in Official Government activitiesProfessional Training18 months
InternshipMust be enrolled in a foreign-post secondary institution that grants degrees;Graduated within the past year

Practical work experience

School credit

1 year
TraineeDegree or Professional Certificate from foreign college or university At least one year of work experience outside the USFive years of work experience in particular fieldPractical and Professional Experience

Agriculture, Hospitality: 12 months

Others: 18 months

International VisitorMust be selected by the US Department of State; A leader in a specific field; and Engaged in consultation, observation, research, training or demonstration of skillsCross-Cultural Understanding1 year
Alien Physician

English proficiency

Adequate Prior Education and TrainingSuitable Background to the Program Statement of Need (for Medical Expertise)

Agreement from US Medical School Various Test Requirements

School Credit

Medical Training

7 years maximum
Professor and Research ScholarMust not be a candidate for tenure; Not participated in this program in the past 2 years; and Not participated in a J1 Program in the past yearEducational Enrichment3 weeks to 5 years
Secondary School Student

At least 15 years old but not more than 18 ½ years old

Completed no more than 11 years of primary and secondary school

Have not participated in a US exchange student program 

Extracurricular ExperiencesAccommodation 1 year
Short-Term ScholarMust be a professor’s, researcher, graduate student or someone with other related profession Educational Enrichment6 months

Must be an expert in a specific field;Seek to travel to the US for the purpose of interchange of knowledge and skills

Not fill a permanent or long-term position of employment while in the US 

Educational Enrichment1 year
Summer Work & Travel

English Proficiency

Full-time enrollment in a college/university outside the US with at least one semester completed

Placement in a seasonal job 

Live and work in the US4 months

WICC’s Programs

Currently, WICC offers the Paid Internship/Training Program in the US. Therefore, we will focus on the Requirement, Process, Benefits, and other things related to Intern and Training Programs

Requirements for J1 Internship/Training Program

  • College/University students or recent graduates (within the past year) with no experience in the field of study
  • College/University graduates with at least one year of training/experience related to major
  • Professional with up to 5 years of experience in the desired field (if the desired field differs from Degree earned)

Potential Fields of Training

  • Business Administration, Trade, Finance, Banking, Marketing, Production, Accounting
  • Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, and Industrial Occupations
  • Multimedia, Communication, IT
  • Hospitality, Tourism
  • Architecture, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Art & Culture


  • Step 1: Participant evaluation
    WICC will evaluation the applicant’s resume and English level through an online interview
  • Step 2: Job Matching
    WICC will job match for each applicant and arrange the interview for applicants with potential Host Companies
  • Step 3: Prepare Necessary Documents
    After being accepted, WICC will help support the program sponsor organization and the applicants in the process of preparing necessary documents
  • Step 4: Application Review
    All documents will be sent to the program sponsor organization to be reviewed. Once approved, the DS-2019 package will be sent out
  • Step 5: Visa interview with US Embassy
    Applicants must bring the necessary documents required to the Visa interview at the US Embassy in Vietnam
  • Step 6: Arrival in the US
    WICC will provide support during housing search and other processes until the completion of the program

Why you should choose WICC Group?

Committed to providing employment
WICC Group guarantees the applicant a training position that best suits the participant’s abilities and desires. We are committed to providing a position at a reputable company in the US.

Team of experienced consultants
Our team of experienced team members will help guide you step-by-step in the process of preparing the application, arrange and prepare for the Host Company interview, and provide support during the Visa application process.

Provide Best Care for Customers
WICC will provide support in the process of searching and arranging housing and will guarantee the safety and security of housing locations in the US. Additionally, we guarantee the safety and security of each applicant throughout the duration of the program. We will provide our unconditional support from the start of the program to the end of the program.

Got other questions about securing a J1 Visa? Contact our consultants so we can assist you further.
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