Everything you need to know about the US visa interview – For Vietnamese citizen

Vietnamese citizens who come wish to enter the US for any reason have to past the visa interviews at the US Embassy/Consulate in Vietnam. If you are about to study abroad, travel, intern, or training in the US, then passing the Visa interview is the most important step which decides whether you can come to the US or not. Be confident and let WICC help you prepare for this critical step.

The US visa interview process

  1. Arrive at the US Embassy/Consulate

You need to bring all of the requirements documents to one of these two addresses no early than 30 minutes prior to the appointment time:

Ho Chi Minh City:
US Consulate Ho Chi Minh City
Address: 4 Le Duan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city
Telephone: (08) 3520 4200
Email: scongehcmc@state.gov

Ha Noi:
US Embassy Hanoi
Non-immigrant Department
Address: 170 Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh District

  • Enter the US Embassy/Consulate

You should plan accordingly based on traffic and weather to prevent from arriving late. If you arrive 30 minutes after your appointment time, they may not allow entering the building. You need to book another appointment and pay for the interview fee again, so please pay attention to your arrival time.

You are not allowed to enter the US Embassy/Consulate while carrying any Battery-operated or Electronic devices (phones, radio, recorder, laptop, camera, smartwatches, etc.). You should leave it at home, in your car, or ask your acquaintances to keep it for you.

One small notice for you is the US Embassy/Consulate doesn’t have any parking lot, including motorbike and car.

  • After entering the gate:

The US Embassy in Hanoi: The security guy will keep your Identification Card until you leave the building. The guest name card will be provided, and you will be asked to wear that during the time you stay inside the building. The waiting room is located on the second floor.

The US Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City: Present your passport and your appointment receipt. You can store your electronic devices at this point. They will give you a number, which will be used to receive your stuffs at the exit. The waiting room is located right after the security room, on the left side.

  • Inside the waiting room:

There are two number systems: one for submitting the application and registering your fingerprints, and one for interviews. You will be called by the number, not your name, so pay attention to the board or the speaker.

Step 1: Get your number from the machine 1 for submitting the application and registering fingerprints. Remember two take both receipts. Keep one and give one for the officer.

Step 2: Waiting for your number to be called for submitting the application.

Step 3: Waiting for your number to be called again for registering the fingerprints and receive the application back.

Step 4: Get your number at machine 2 and waiting for the interview.

Depend on the priority, the interviewer will not call the number by any order. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the calling number.

The interviewer will let you know the result at the end of the interview. If they agree to issues you the US visa, they will keep your passport and give you the delivering form. You then take this form to the EMS counter, fill out the form about the name and address you would like to receive the passport and pay the fee of 30.000VND. Depend on the location, you will receive the passport with the visa on it in about 2 to 5 days. EMS will mail your passport to the address you stated on the form. 

Common questions during the visa interview

During the interview, the interviewer will ask you the question in English. The interpreter is always available for you in case you need one. However, if you apply for a student or working visa, be prepared to answer in English; this will increase your chance to pass the visa interview.

  • What is your purpose in applying for a US visa? (state your purpose clearly)
  • Do you have any family, friends, or relatives in the US? (If you know someone in the US, you should say yes)
  • Have you ever traveled to any country besides the US?
  • What do you do in Vietnam?
  • How long will you stay in the US?
  • Can I see your bank statement or any document about your financial situation? (Show them your bank statement or any document proving your value assets)
  • After coming back to Vietnam, do you want to go to the US again?
  • Have you been to the US before?
  • Do you have any credit cards?
  • Who will you go with?
  • Have you bought a round-trip ticket yet?
  • Where will you stay in the US?
  • Where do you want to visit in the US?

Tips for US visa interview

  • You need to say your answer in a clearly, coherent, confident way. When answering the question, avoid telling a long story. There are so many applicants a day, the interviewer doesn’t want to hear a long answer when you can make it short. When asking the question, the biggest thing they want to know is whether you want to come back to Vietnam or not.
  • Be honest with your answer. Don’t try to fake your answer or not tell them the truth because they will find out sooner or later.
  • Dress appropriately. Avoid being overdressed or dress in a flashy manner 
  • While waiting for your turn, stay quiet. Don’t make any loud noise.
  • When answering the questions, your role is to let the interviewer know that you will come back to Vietnam for sure.

If you have any questions relates to the US visa interview, don’t hesitate to contact our staff to receive a free consultation regarding your questions. 

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