Questions Every First-Time Overseas Traveler Has

Going abroad for the first time, whether you go there to study, intern, or travel, you must be really excited. However, since it is your first-time travel overseas, you probably worry about your upcoming trip with tons of questions, for example, Do I have to come to the airport early? What should I bring? Etc. 

To help you overcome your anxiety and focus only on how fun the trip will be, WICC has collected some questions that we know that many people have before their adventure. Let learn how to prepare for a big trip with us!

I never traveled alone before. I really need some (or maybe a lot) tips.

It’s not as simple as grab your belongings and go. The key component is you need to be at the right place at the right time. If this is your first time traveling abroad on your own, you need to come to the airport early, so you can have time for Security and Customs and Border. Transportation can be different from your home country; therefore, it is important that you do some researches before you go. If you have someone pick you up at the airport, then congratulations. You can just sit back and relax. In case no one will be there to greeting you, make sure to Google and plan the way to get to the destination. You don’t want to stay at the airport for hours after a long flight.

“Go abroad. What should I bring?

This depends on where you go and how long you stay there. It’s important to know about the destination’s climate and temperature to prepare for the trip. Once you know about the weather, pack something that you can layer. You have to remember this: “Don’t overpack!” You can always shop for new clothes at the destination, so just bring your essentials. Cash and credit cards are needed. Make sure you have a pair of sneakers. Toilette can be bought at all destinations. In case you want to bring your own, mini size or travel size is recommended.

What type of luggage should I bring?

Suitcases with wheels are easy to lug around. A backpack to store your essentials with you at all times might be a good idea. Each airline has different policies for checked bags and carry-on bags, so take some time to get to know this before you pack. No one wants to pay oversized or over-weighted fees at the airport, because it’s quite expensive. You should keep one or two pairs of clothes in your carry-on in case your luggage arrives late.

“What do I have to prepare before the trip?”

Each country has its own culture and customs, so you need to conduct a few researches in advance to prevent “culture shock” when you arrive. If you have a short trip, you need to plan accordingly, like must-eat, must-go, and must-see list, to utilize your time there.

“Do I need a credit card/master card?”

We recommend that you get a credit card, especially if you go to the US. Most of the banks now are offering the services for the supplementary credit cards with a limit on the card. Your parents simply load a certain amount of money on the card, and that’s all you can spend overseas. Don’t bring to much cash with you. It’s best to talk to your bank about how to handle the expenses abroad.

“When do I need to be at the airport?

Different from trains where you can show up five minutes before departing time, your arrival time at the airport depends on where you’re flying to, but make sure you arrive three or four hours before. It’s better to be there early to check-in and get all of your luggage checked. If your flight is international, the counter staff usually ask you to check the customs windows to make sure your luggage comes through. After that, you will make it through security, customs and borders, and arrive at the gate with a smile. This process usually takes a while, so be at the airport early and wait rather than come late and all out-breath and sweaty.

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