Paid Internship in the US – 1500 USD and up – with visa J1

With a J1 visa, interns and trainees will have great opportunities to gain working experience, and at the same time receive a stipend of $1600 and up each month.

Over the years, the amount of study abroad students has increased substantially, causing the employment field in the US and many other countries to become more of a battlefield than ever before. Sometimes, even studying abroad is not enough to secure decent employment. International students who graduate from colleges and universities in the US cannot score a job. In case they choose to come back to Vietnam, it’s still a challenge for them while seeking a job with a little or no working experience related to their training fields.

So, where is the solution?

It’s time to re-consider the US employment market. Instead of applying for F1 only, internship and training placement should be a wiser option. J1 is one of the visas which recommended by the recruiters in the US because the process is faster and much easier. While host companies need to done tons of paperwork to sponsor for H1B visa, interns and trainees under J1 will be sponsored by certified sponsorship organizations. After completing the internship, interns and trainees will have the opportunity to switch to an EB3 visa to apply for the green card or transfer to an F1 visa.

Paid-Internship in the US program will provide the youths to train in their specialized fields in one of the most dynamic countries in the world while experiencing diverse cultures available in the US, giving the interns and trainees a brighter future when returning to their home countries.

J1 visa can be used for professionals and experts who participate in special programs or students who participate in the internship/training placement programs and exchange programs. A few programs under J1 visa require applicants to attend college or universities in the US, but most programs focus on real-world training experiences. Applicants cannot apply for this visa unless they have an agreement with host organization, US government or a project in the US.

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